Bec’s Reviews: The Fidget Cube

I’d heard so many positive comments regarding the Fidget Cube and when my anxiety was at its highest point, my lovely boyfriend decided to surprise me with one to try and help! 

There are many different colours for you to choose from AND even though the original design and company are the go to, there are many ‘knock off’ designs that are slightly cheaper and have a shorter dispatch time, so if you’re having a particularly hard time and need one urgently, these are more practical. 

I mainly use mine for distracting myself and focusing my senses on something else to stop me feeling so overwhelmed. 

Not only do they help with Anxiety but they’re also popular with people who have Autism. 

The Fidget Cube has 6 different sides, all with a different texture and mini sensory game on. My personal favourite is the switch. They’re perfectly pocket sized and can easily fit in your hand whilst also being discreet. 

I’d rate the Fidget Cube 7/10. 

You can purchase one on Amazon and on the Fidget Cube Website

(Phot credit here)


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