The Gynaecological Visit…

As some of you know, I have been on the gynaecology bed PLENTY of times due to my Endometriosis and awful periods. And I know first hand how scary it can be to whip off your pants and spread your legs for a random doctor SO, I’ve decided to share the reality of the appointment and some tips to help you relax when you’re showing off your Crown Jewels.

Side note:  What the fuck is with the minimum smear test age being 25? I had my first one at 18 and I’ve had my vagina checked almost 10 times now, and my sister who is 23 has never had one. I don’t understand why people think that gynaecological issues apparently only start after your 25th birthday?

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These tips are based on my appointments regarding gynaecological checks and Endometriosis checks, not all smear tests and appointments are this thorough but are along these lines…

The first appointment is scary and you’re for some reason extremely vagina conscious- I’ve never worried about my vagina before, but the idea of someone checking it out for abnormalities does make you nervous in case you’ve missed something.

This is what I found out in my first gynaecology appointment:

#1 I actually really did struggle to get on the bed- for some reason it’s the most difficult thing ever! Especially with the weird paper towels covering the bed which get caught up in your arse and keep sliding about, and a lamp that you end up kicking which is meant to shine a light in your vagina!!!

#2 There’s a ridiculously large amount of lube- AND IT’S IN A SACHET as if it’s one of those lemon hand wipe packets that you get from a Chinese Takeaway once you’ve eaten ribs!

#3 Your Gynaecologist sees so many vaginas in one day, why would they see yours as any different? (Not in a nasty way)- Yes they will be looking at it thoroughly as that’s their job, but they’re not going to care if you haven’t shaved, or if your clit is pierced, or if your labia is slightly larger!

#4 Don’t feel embarrassed to speak about your vagina! You wouldn’t be embarrassed if you sprained your wrist or had a headache so tell them if anything has seemed different down there.

#5 Make sure you’re not wearing a difficult outfit! I mean- a play suit with buttons going all the way up the back, probably isn’t the best outfit to put on and off when you’re at an appointment, especially as you only need to take your pants and trousers off!

#6 They will be asking intimate questions. Have you ever had an STD, an Ectopic Pregnancy or a miscarriage, when did you first have sex, what are your periods like?

#7 Maybe put a pantyliner or sanitary towel in your pants just before you go as there can be spotting once the speculum is removed AND you’ll have A TONNE of lube shoved up there and squatting with a tissue trying to gauge out the lube probably isn’t the best thing to do behind the curtain (I’m speaking from experience with this!!!!!).

All in all it’s not as scary as you think, the speculum goes in they have a look around, take a swab and then you’re all sorted!

I’d love to hear your stories x


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