It’s my 20th Birthday!

It’s my Birthday!- well it was on July 23rd…

It’s the cheesiest thing ever to say, but I really don’t feel 20! I look 14 but feel 70, isn’t it just crazy…

So, I decided to share with you my birthday celebrations.

On July 22nd, I was brave enough to leave the house and went Pottery painting with my sister and her boyfriend and my boyfriend and I absolutely lovedΒ it.

On the actual day of my birthday, 23rd July, I couldn’t believe how loved I felt. I opened all of my presents, spoke to my family, cleaned my room to make room for all of the new things, listened to my favourite vinyl and then spent the evening surrounded by my family where we had a game night and a takeaway.

I’m so thankful and happy to be in such a good situation with my loved ones.


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