Bec’s Reviews: Lush

Hi everyone! 

After having a few anxiety issues, I decided to treat myself to some Lush goodies and let you know how I felt about them, the good and the bad and whether I’d buy them again. 

This time I ordered the BB Seaweed Mask and the Volcano Foot Treatment. 

Let’s see how I got on…

Let’s start with the foot treatment…

I absolutely loved the feel and smell of this. It went on so smoothly and I really really did like it and I could definitely feel a difference once it had soaked into my feet and washed off. 

I put on a thick layer on the parts of my feet that are a bit worse for ware and then wrapped my feet in a plastic bag to stop them drying out (advise from Lush).

I would buy this again!

The Face scrub/mask…

When I first opened this I wasn’t sure, I have Sensory Processing Disorder and textures is one of my big difficulties so I wasn’t too keen on the lumpy texture and the smell wasn’t 100% for me. 

I gave it a go anyway and applied a thick layer to my face and roped my boyfriend into trying too and the first thing I noticed was that the redness of the face had died down and wasn’t as obvious and the next day I noticed that my make up went on loads better!

I’m not sure if I’d buy this again, I think I’d try a different scent. 



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